How to Keep Your House Clean Without Losing Your Mind!

Dishes, laundry, dirty floors, yucky tubs, smelly toilets, overflowing laundry, stuff everywhere.  How do people do it? Really, how can you keep your house clean, work and care for your family all without losing your mind? It’s a question many of us face. Long days of work, whether it be at home taking care of…
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How to Save Money While Feeding Your Family

Feeding your family can get pretty expensive. It can become exceptionally costly when you don’t really manage your spending on your meals.  Here are some statistics and tips on how to help you save money while feeding your family. Set a Budget for Meals. If you are just buying groceries whenever you want and not taking…
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Puberty, Let’s “Talk”

kids, puberty

Puberty, it’s an awkward part of growing up for children and parents. All of these changes begin occurring with the human body, things that sometimes aren’t the most pleasant. Our children feel “freaked out” and some parents are “freaked out” too. They are uncomfortable with having the “talk.” This really should not be the case…
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Is Your Student Special?

parish pride

Do you have a stellar student that shines not only in the classroom but also in the community? Maybe he or she visits the elderly during school breaks, works as a volunteer, acts as a mentor to other students or plays in the band. Children are beautiful and should be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments…
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TOP PICKS: Activities to Finish out the Christmas Break

Ascension Living has its “top picks” of activities in the area to finish out the Christmas break. With just a few more days left to the winter break before the kiddos must go back to school and many of us have to go back to work, we thought it would be a good idea to…
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It’s Back to School & Back to the Books for Ascension Students

IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL THIS WEEK FOR ASCENSION PARISH STUDENTS It’s been sweet, but all things must come to an end. Ascension parish students go back to school this coming week. So the big question is when?  Well if you cannot rely on your children to provide you with the correct answer, we can help! Here’s…
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